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Take the Shot or Lose your Job


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Intro: The Covid-19 vaccine is now mandated in New York City by Mayor De Blasio in which city, health care workers and teaching staffs are forced to take in-order to maintain their current positions. According to the Office of the Mayor over 92% of city employees have been vaccinated which the Department of Health concludes 78.6% of the population.

[Media clip of Mayor De Blasio announcing the mandate]

For anyone who opposes the mandate remain biased because of the vaccine’s early existence. This has caused people to either resign or remain unemployed. The requirements are mandatory unless there are medical or religious reasons to be exempted. Unfortunately, the deadline to be vaccinated uplifts by December 27th.

Allison: “A few reasons why I didn’t want to get vaccinated, one was because I felt it was extremely premature, especially when the mandates were put in place. They put in a mandate not even a year before a year after…”

Desiree: Here is Allison Cruz. She participated in the mandate protest and explains why she feels taking the vaccine is a risk for her life.

[AMBI Sound: Protestors chanting]

Allison: “A year before a year after the vaccine was made. So that made me very unsure and to see how politicized it was. Also, just the untrust and the lack of transparency of short term, long term affects and the risk I can put myself in.”

Danielle: My take on that is why would you want to lose your job, your pension, your 401k not getting vaccinated.”

Desiree: Danielle Simms is a Patient Care Coordinator from Weill Cornell Medicine, fully vaccinated with all 3 shots, believes everyone should be vaccinated for a chance of survival and to save their jobs.

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Danielle: “The problem with people is they are only thinking short term and not long term and that’s where the issue lies.”

Allison: “I can’t provide for myself anymore. What am I going to do it’s New York City, but every day I was like oh hell no I’m going to apply, you have to push through it, you have too.”

Danielle: “Yes I do feel like you have pro-choice, but if you’re going to be around elderly people, your families, you’re jeopardizing them every time you walk into your house.”

[Mayor De Blasio media clip]

Desiree: The Department of Education announced that students between the ages of 5–11 need to submit a consent form which enhances schools to do weekly testing for unvaccinated students. Pfizer has now become FDA approved for ages 16 and up of being 91% effective against Covid-19.

[AMBI Sound: children at day care]

Tamika: We got all the babies, okay so put the babies in the bed now.

Tamika: “Working at the DOE I had no choice. I have no choice because I love kids.”

Tamika: “Babies go nap nap, goodnight. Put the blanket on the baby, good, good job.”

Desiree: That’s Tamika Rogers, a teacher’s assistant at Miles of Smiles Day Care Center in Brooklyn, NY. She gives her thoughts on why it was a necessity to be vaccinated.

Tamika: “I feel like it’s going to get really crazy. But the thing is I tell people all the time you’re not a celebrity. If you were a celebrity, then maybe yea you can stay out of work and be fine. But you’re not a celebrity. We’re in poverty right now, get your money, you can’t be broke. We have to get our money, we have to eat, we have to pay rent, we have a life that we have to live. If that vaccine takes us, that vaccine takes us, but we have to live.

Michel: “First I’ma talk about the vaccination. Me personally I feel that people should get vaccinated prsonally, but being forced is a different situation for me. I feel like no one should be forced they don’t want to do especially to the way where if you don’t do it then you lose your job.”

Desiree: That’s Michel Baptiste. He is a Correction Officer who feels that everyone should be vaccinated, otherwise there wouldn’t be enough officers on the force.

Michel: “There’s officer and can do a lot and we already going through what we going through now you telling us we can lose our jobs and force us to take a vaccination. And when we were going through Covid, we lost so many officers and nobody was doing anything at that time for us as officers. Funds back for the city somehow or someway, that’s basically what it is. It’s to make funds back which they lost or don’t have through officers, not even officers but city worker’s period. They don’t really care, they’ll take them off whatever cause of everything we going through, right now it’s the holidays so we rather be home with our families, a lot of people rather be with their families anyways so they don’t care about being suspended for 30 days for a vaccine to take after 30 days or after the holidays to come back to work which is sad. Not a lot of officers on the job for December so imagine what’s going to be happening in the streets as towards crime, so who do you really care about, at the end of the day.”

Danielle: Also, the media doesn’t make it any better. So, if they spoke to a physician or someone who is into infectious diseases, like how our director broke it down to us, then they would understand much more about the vaccine. This vaccine wasn’t just made for Covid, this vaccine has been out since Swine Flu.

Desiree: The CDC data is monitored every 30 days of rates of deaths between the Swine Flu pandemic and Covid. In 2009 known as the H1N1 pandemic had nearly 60.8 million cases estimated 575,400 people worldwide who died. Covid deaths has peaked at 793,937 deaths of 49.8 million cases.

Danielle: But because Swine Flu didn’t become a pandemic, they never used it. So now we have a pandemic so now it’s out.

Desiree: As for the Department of Labor published a release that unemployment increased by 293,400 or 4.0% over the year. They have now added over 41,300 private sector jobs in October adjusting the rate down from 7.1% to 6.9%. The reasons for the unemployment rates is the refusal to be vaccinated.

Allison: “So I worked for Starbucks for 6 years, I grew up there. I got promoted half way in, I was a supervisor and in September of this year my Store Manager just abruptly came in and told me “Hey if you don’t get the vaccine by this day, you can’t work here and I have to take you of the schedule.” I am employed now again, thank God, but I plan to file for discrimination under the Department of Labor. Because I document everything, and they got back to me about my exemption, but they’re asking me to travel to Long Island, as if that’s an accommodation. So that’s my plan, I’m working thank God, but I plan to file for discrimination under the Department of Labor against Starbucks.”

[Mayor De Blasio media clip]

Desiree: For more information on Covid-19 visit the Department of Health on Information and data provided by the Department of Labor, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Office of the Mayor. Media clips provided by For Baruch College, I am Desiree Holman.